Know They Are Safe

Watch over your child wherever they are using our convenient GPS Tracking service

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Find your child

Our service provides you with our FREE watch and easy-to-use app, all ready to go so you can keep track of your child’s whereabouts with ease. Click the button below to learn more about our feature-rich affordable service

Phone calls on the watch

You can make and receive phone calls directly on the watch

  • 30 minutes of calls per month
  • Restricted access phonebook with up to 10 approved contacts
  • SOS Button (to call an emergency contact with one touch)
  • International roaming

Don’t worry, if you go over your call allowance, the tracking still works

No Setup Required

Our watches come setup and ready to go out of the box

We do all the setup so you don’t have to

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Key Feature Safezone/GeoFence

Stay notified on your phone when your child has left a specific area, giving you peace of mind knowing they are safe. This great feature can be set up in seconds using our app.

Here's what you get when you join

A FREE GPS tracker watch in a choice of 3 colours

SIM card already embedded in the watch that works throughout the EU. Fully loaded will all the data you need for each month of your subscription

Free access to our feature rich TrackRTalk mobile app. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones

30 minutes of talk time per month is included in your subscription. The watch can call any EU number that you put into its phonebook

How does our GPS tracking service work ?

Our service uses GPS to pinpoint the location of the Geo Go smartwatch when it is outdoors. 

When indoors, our service uses the nearest WiFi networks to pinpoint the location.

  1. The baseline satellite constellation consists of 24 satellites positioned in six earth-centred orbital planes
  2.  A minimum of 4, but usually 6-8 GPS satellites are always visible from any place on earth 
  3. Our GPS trackers pick up these satellite signals and determine your location via triangulation
  4. When GPS is not available indoors we endeavour to pick up the devices location by using Wi-Fi location technology
  5. GPS signal is stronger outside, and away from trees and tall buildings

Note : GPS devices are designed for outdoor use and may not be accurate indoors or when obstructed by trees or tall buildings

We've got you covered Europe-wide

To offer the best mobile network coverage possible, we setup our devices with a European SIM card. 

The SIM card has a European number like (+46, +45, +372). 

This means the SIM is not limited by the coverage of any single Network Operator but instead provides the best of all networks in Ireland as well as throughout Europe.

Note : In areas where no network coverage is available, the watch will not be able to provide a location

What are our customers saying ?

Very pleased with the device itself and its app features. The step counter feature is handy for keeping the kids... read more

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Daragh Gosnell

Great product - my son has special needs and having a product like this gives peace of mind. It works... read more

Michael O'Gorman Avatar
Michael O'Gorman

Really happy with this.
My son is almost at an age where he can play outdoors himself out of line...
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Claire Callanan

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