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TrackRTalk is a brand of Twisted Wrist Limited, an Irish company based in Cork. Its founders, all with software development backgrounds, have worked together in several Multinational Mobile Telecommunication companies before founding the business. After years of developing software for Mobile Networks, Mobile Phones, Tablets and various wearable devices, we saw exciting opportunities emerge in the wearable technology space and as parents of young children we decided to bring a service to the market that we would use ourselves.

About Us - TrackRTalk
About Us - TrackRTalk

When your kids are young and active you want to encourage them to get out and play with their friends, but in this busy world we live in today, it’s hard to keep an eye on them all the time. A mobile phone is a possible solution, but while your kids are small a phone is not always the right solution for everybody. Mobiles can be quite cumbersome for a child to carry, and can have features, apps or just screen time that we, as parents of young children, would rather limit. We came up with a solution that uses modern wearable technology, in a child friendly way that allows the kids to keep on playing, while providing peace of mind to busy parents. 

People are more aware than ever of the benefits that an active lifestyle can have on your health.

In this technological age that we live in today there are a host of wearable devices that can help us all to achieve our health ambitions and goals.

As technologists and active people ourselves, we were excited at the chance to marry our two great passions of Technology and the Outdoors, and the TrackRTalk service has become our passion as we enable both parents and kids to get out and about.

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Twisted Wrist Ltd picked up the Tech Start Up of the Year Award 2017

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