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App Features - TrackRTalk
Real-time tracking

Using our Android/iOS app you can access the real-time location of the watch using either a map or satellite view. You can also use our app to find directions between your mobile phone and where the watch is located.

One month of historical location data​

We securely store the watch's previous location data and you can access this via our App. All data after one month is purged from our database.

Secure data transmission and storage

Data transmission between our watch and server is encrypted using AES-128bit encryption. Data between our server and the mobile app is encrypted using TLS, an updated version of SSL security, allowing for between 128-bit and 256-bit encryption depending on your mobile device. Data is stored on our secure, firewalled servers within an encrypted database. There are several layers of security ensuring only our administrators have access to our server for maintenance purposes.

App Features - TrackRTalk
GeoFence (Safezone)​

Using our app, you can create up to 20 GeoFence (Safezone) areas. Once a watch exits a GeoFence, every mobile phone that has installed our app and has previously logged in will receive a mobile notification.

Unlimited Guardians​

You may install the App on as many mobile devices you see fit in order to check up on your loved ones. Generally, as parents both of you will be looking to keep in touch with your loved one's movements.

Fanatical customer support​

Our support team are ready to assist with any questions or issues you may have and endeavour to respond to you as swiftly as possible. We want you to have a great experience using our service and take your enquiries very seriously.

Unlimited Low battery mobile alerts​

Whenever the watch's battery power is low you will be alerted via every mobile phone that has installed our App and has previously logged in.

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