Frequently Asked Questions

Our watches are IP67 water-resistant and splashproof, so are safe for use outdoors in rainy weather. They are not suitable for swimming or immersion in water.

Yes, the service will work throughout Europe including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Using our service outside these countries is currently not supported. Click to view full coverage.

The time is automatically set by the GPS however, you will need to set your timezone and daylight saving time. Please refer to the App User Guide to see how to change the timezone

Geo Go Smartwatch : fits a wrist from 15.5cm up to 22.5 cm in circumference. See About our watch page for more for more details.

Orders will be dispatched on the next business day. Orders received at weekends, public holidays or after 12pm on a business day will be processed on the next business day.
Orders are delivered via courier, and normally take 1 to 3 working days to get to your door. A courier tracking number is sent with your dispatch confirmation email.

In the unlikely event you encounter any issue with our service please contact support. Click Here

GPS devices are intended for locating while outdoors where they can triangulate their position from the available GPS satellites in orbit. Accuracy is within 3 to 15 metres, 95% of the time when outdoors. This assumes the watch has a clear view of the sky and has finished acquiring satellites.
When indoors, it is not possible to get a location fix from these satellites. Instead, the app will report the last known GPS location unless there is a WiFi location available. When GPS is not available we endeavour to pick up the watches location using Wi-Fi location technology.

Yes, all guardians will receive alerts on their phones once they both download and install the TrackRTalk companion app and log in with the same credentials. Only one Username and Password can be associated with each watch, you cannot have multiple unique usernames associated with one watch.

From empty, it will take about 3 hours to charge fully.

This depends on your settings, it can last up to 4 days, but we recommend you charge it at the end of each day.  There is an “Update Interval” setting in the app that defines how often the watch looks for a GPS location, the higher the frequency, the faster the battery is run down. See App User Guide. For normal usage, we would recommend setting this to 10 minutes. You will receive a notification through the app when the battery is running low.

Only the phone numbers that you set in the watch’s phonebook can call the watch. Calls from private numbers are blocked from phoning the watch. You must enter at least one phonebook contact to enable this feature.

Yes to both. The watch has been thoroughly tested by a 3rd party global standard testing company.

You will get an email notification when the watch is approaching its call allowance limit. If the watch exceeds its call allowance, then outgoing calls will be blocked from the watch until the next billing cycle. Don’t worry, you will still be able to track the location of the watch using the TrackRTalk app, and you’ll still be able to make phone calls to the watch from your own phone

If you are not getting notifications on your mobile when a Safezone has been breached then there are some possible thing you can try 

  1. Is the watch charged and does it have mobile network coverage ?
  2. Does your mobile phone have network coverage ?
  3. Did you setup the Safezone while the watch was outside the zone ? If so, then the watch needs to enter the zone first before it can leave the zone and trigger a notification.
  4. Make sure the notification setting on your mobile phone has the notification from the TrackRTalk app enabled.
  5. If you have an Android phone, your phone can have a battery optimization setting that deprioritises notifications. If this is happening to you, then please contact us and we will help you change your phone settings to enable notifications.
  6. Notification for a breach of the Safezone can only be triggered when the watch does a ping to the GPS while outside of the Safezone, if you have the update interval set to 1 hour then the notification might only come to you after an hour. For the best performance we suggest a 10 minute interval setting via the app. See App User Guide for details.
  7. If the above doesn’t work for you, then please contact us and we will have our customer care team try to resolve your issue.

You can force the watch to do a real-time location check by clicking on the “?” icon on the app homescreen.

Under normal operation, the frequency that the watch checks its GPS location is configured via the app. If you have it set to check the GPS location every hour, then it only picks up the location every 60 minutes and your watch may have moved quite a bit during this hour, so the location information is potentially old data. For the best result we recommend setting the interval to 10 minutes

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