Here is some information about your SIM

You don’t need to worry about your SIM, it will be embedded in your watch when you get it

Your watch comes with an embedded IOT SIM card as standard

IOT stands for Internet Of Things. This basically means that it is designed for smart devices that transfer data over the internet

SIM back and front - TrackRTalk
Multi Micro SIMS mixed - TrackRTalk

Your watch is constantly sending its location data over the mobile internet, and your card is setup with enough data to cover your watch’s requirements on a day to day basis

Your SIM & watch will work throughout Europe, and you can roam seamlessly without having to update your device or subscription plan

We've got you covered

To offer the best mobile network coverage possible, we setup our devices with an international SIM card. 

The SIM card is an international number (+46, +45, +352) 

This means the SIM is not limited by the coverage of any single Network Operator but instead provides the best of all networks

The SIM can only be used in conjunction with the GeoGo watch provided in your subscription

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