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Watch In Call - TrackRTalk

Phone calls directly on the watch

You can make and receive phone calls directly on the watch

  • 30 minutes of calls
  • Restricted access phonebook with up to 10 approved contacts
  • SOS Button (to call an emergency contact with one touch)
  • International roaming

Don’t worry, if you go over your call allowance, the tracking still works, and the watch can still receive calls

TALK SIM already setup

If you are on one of our subscription plans, then the watch will come with a SIM card that is provisioned for both data and phone calls. The SIM is already embedded in the watch so you don’t need to worry about it. It is automatically topped up along with your monthly subscription


Restricted phonebook

Any phone number that is in the Phonebook of the watch (which can be setup via the app) will be able to phone the watch.

The watch will be able to make calls to any number that is in the phone book


Your SIM & watch will work throughout Europe, and you can roam seamlessly without having to update your device or subscription plan

We've got you covered Europe-wide​

To offer the best mobile network coverage possible, we setup our devices with a European SIM card. 

The SIM card is a European number (like +46, +45, +372) 

This means the SIM is not limited by the coverage of any single Network Operator but instead provides the best of all networks in Ireland as well as throughout Europe.

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