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Have peace of mind while your loved ones are out and about with the Geo Go GPS watch. With the accompanying TrackRTalk app, available for Android and iOS, you can locate your kids in real-time with ease. And on our Subscription Plans you also have two-way voice calling, you can call them home to dinner, and they can contact you to tell you they’ll be late ! Receive notifications when they leave their safezone and when the battery is running low.

Geo Go Smart Watch

We have subscription plans that include our Geo Go smartwatch. See below features of our watch

Each watch is covered by our 12 month warranty, see Terms and Condition for details.

Latest Geolocation Tech

Equipped with GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi sensors and includes AGPS technology to ensure speedy satellite seek time.

Sharp Display

1.30" high definition colour LCD touch screen with a resolution of 240x240 pixels.

Smart Clock

Displays time and date automatically set by GPS data and timezone settings within our app.

Versatile Inputs

Easy-to-use touch screen interface complimented by a pressure sensitive home button. For those opting for the TrackR + Talk plan a long-push SOS button is available automatically calling the assigned SOS number.

Pre-installed SIM card

We pre-install an EU SIM card into each watch. This SIM card is able to utilize multiple mobile operators within Ireland as well as around EU, Switzerland, Norway & Iceland, allowing for maximum coverage.

Superb Battery Life

Capable of lasting up to 3 days without being charged* (*battery life may vary depending on usage and app settings)

Comfortable Strap

Soft silicon allows for a pleasant wearing experience.

Advanced Security

Communication to and from our watch employs AES encryption ensuring virtually no possibility of intercepting location data.

Strong Chassis

Durable outside casing suitably sealed allowing for IP67 water resistance.

In built Phone

On our subscription plans, you will be able to setup the watch's phonebook using our app. This allows you to have full control over what numbers the watch can dial. You will be able to setup the watch's phonebook using our app. You will also be able to setup an SOS number which is essentially allowing for a speed dial of a number you define. Our Subscription Plans allows the watch to make up to 30mins of calls to anywhere in the EU per month.

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